new seat height 45,5cm
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In the late 1920s, the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto began to experiment with bending wood and collaborated with the furniture manufacturer Otto Korhonen on a number of innovative techniques. The development of an L-shaped leg composed of solid bent wood – the “L-leg” – assumed a central role. Aalto referred to it as “the little sister of the architectural column”, as the L-leg takes on a similar weight-bearing function: various horizontal surfaces can be directly affixed to and supported by these vertical elements.
Manufactured in four sizes, the L-leg enabled the creation of more than 50 different products, from stools, chairs, benches and tables to storage furniture. With the L-leg, which was patented in 1933, Aalto invented a highly versatile system of standard components, which still forms the base of the Artek collection today.
Made from Finnish birch, the Artek products boast a natural beauty and radiate warmth; they are sustainable and age gracefully.
Artek products continue to be fabricated semi-industrially according to strict quality criteria with a high proportion of handcraftsmanship. The L-leg collection is still produced at the original Artek factory in Turku, Finland, the process of their production relatively unchanged, their organic qualities as ideologically and aesthetically relevant as ever.

rectangular and square tables – Height 60cm

round tables – Height 60cm

NE60 stool

N65 children's chair

The classic furniture designed by Alvar Aalto for children, that can be found in many schools, nurseries and children's scandinavian rooms.



tables, stool and chair for kids


design Alvar Aalto 1935

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