The 7 Sparrows

Hippo is available in natural oak and beech painted with blackboard paint.
Boje, the boy
Datti, the girl
The 2 fresh-faced Skiers were designed towards the end of the 1940s. The happy girl skier with the red hat and the checked jacket is named Datti, which was the pet-name of Kay Bojesen's daughter-in-law. The boy is named Boje after the pet-name of Kay's son.
Material: painted beech
Dimensions: H 15,5 x W 17 x D6 cm


Kay Bojesen's Puffin was hatched in 1954. With its spread wings and attractive shape, the Puffin quickly became a popular family toy.
Material: painted beech
Dimensions: H 19,6 cm


The family of wooden animals has been expanded to include the hand-painted Zebra, one of Kay Bojesen's first exotic animals. It was created in 1935 and is still much loved.
Material: hand painted beech
Dimensions: H 14 cm


Kay Bojesen's Elephant was born in 1953. Material: oak Dimensions: H 12,6 cm


Kay Bojesen's friendly Bear with open arms was born in 1952.
Material: oak and maple
Dimensions: H 15 cm


Kay Bojesen's Rabbit was born in 1957 and is the youngest member of Bojesen's family of imaginative wooden toys.
Material: oak
Dimensions: H 16 cm


The Hippo was originally designed in 1955 in oak finish to look after the designer's pencil on his desk. In fact, he can hold a pencil in his mouth. The updated version keeps up the tradition! The new Hippo is made of beech, painted with blackboard paint, so you can write messages, little notes or use it as a desktop checklist. To make it easier to write on, this Hippo is approximately 2cm taller and wider than his brother.
Material: oak or beech, painted with blackboard paint (chalk should be wiped off with a soft damp cloth).
Dimensions: oak: H 8,5 x W 21 cm | H 10,4 x W 26,1 x D 6,2 cm


These Lovebirds only have eyes for each other as they stand there beak to beak. Decorative on a desk or window sill, they are a little reminder of love.
Material: natural and smoked oak
Dimensions: H 8,8 cm
Quantity: 2


Kay Bojesen's Songbirds are a family of 7 birds created in 1950. Each bird has its own story.
Material: painted beech. Dimensions: 15 cm.
Ruth: This bird is named after Kay Bojesen's Swedish daughter-in-law.
Pop: Pop is named after a Danish soda water called Soda Pop, which was the only thing Kay Bojesen ever drank.
Kay: Kay is named after Mr. Bojesen himself who was a great fan of the colour blue. He was always either dressed in an immaculate blue suit, shirt and tie or a white smock.
Peter: Peter is named after the oldest of Kay Bojesen's four grandchildren, and the family describes him as an elegant, modern gentleman.
Sunshine: The Songbird Sunshine represents one of the five colour combinations in Kay Bojesen's range of songbirds.
Ernst: Songbird Ernst is named after Kay Bojesen´s father, an extremely versatile man. He was a business man, editor, cultural personality and a creative soul, who together with his wife Valborg inspired his son Kay to create a flock of beloved wooden figures.
Alfred: Alfred, the Kay Bojesen bird, is the latest addition to the family of wooden toys. It's the only one of the Songbirds family who's created with natural and smoked oak.


The seven colourful sparrows, designed by Kay Bojesen in 1935, are each named after a different day of the week, thus offering an obvious, new and different way of learning the days of the week.
Quantity: 7
Material: beech, magnet
Dimensions: H 6,7 x W 6,2 x D 38
Kay Bojesen's bird collection includes
the Songbirds,
the Lovebirds
and the set of 7 sparrows.


Kay Bojesen's has created many dogs. The first was the Dachshund in 1934. Then, Tim, the Little Terrier was born in 1935. With its movable head tilted to one side, Tim is one of Kay Bojesen's most expressive animals, and he will quickly become a dear friend of the family.
Dachshund: H 10,5 cm - walnut
Tim, the Little Terrier: H 7,5 cm - natural oak or smoked oak

Dogs – the Dachshund and Tim the Little Terrier

Kay Bojesen's horses saw the light of day in the beginning of the 1930s. With their proud stance, luxurious mane an reins at the ready, the horse invites us on an imaginary journey at a brisk gallop. Their soft curves and stiff legs give the horses the typical expression Kay Bojesen's wooden family of animals is known for: Playful contours that don't try to reflect those of real animals, but imaginative variations instead, which quickly find a place in any home.
Materials: walnut or beech
Dimensions: H 14 x W 15 x D 7,1 cm


Kay Bojesen's monkeys were born in 1951 and are handmade in Danish workshop. These beloved monkeys are dear friends who follow us from childhood to adulthood through all stages of life. Kay Bojesen's monkeys are available in 3 sizes.
Materials: teak et limba
Dimensions: small: 20cm height | medium: 28cm height | large: 46cm height


Silversmith and designer, Kay Bojesen had a very special talent. He was able to bring wood to life, and he became world-famous for creating wooden toys that had soul and an impish sense of humour. With more than 2000 pieces to his name, Kay Bojesen was one of Denmark's most prolific artisans in the 20th century. He is best known for his playful and cheerful monkeys.

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