Light Tray – Ø30 cm
Bowl – Ø26.5 cm
Jar Vase – Ø17.5 x H21 cm
Vase – Ø12 x H17.5 cm
The slip cast earthenware vases and bowls, made in a traditional pottery studio in Seto, Japan, integrate a tradition of expert hand craftsmanship into every step of the process. This town has been a pottery centre for more than 2000 years, with the special ferruginous clay material from the area lending a characteristic golden glow and a unique expression to each piece. While no two vases are alike, each clearly conveys the life and personality of the material. The “Light Tray” candlestick is the highlight of the series; the glow from a single candle illuminates the interior of the bowl in tribute to the warm, cosy atmosphere only candlelight can create.
Materials: earthenware, brass (light tray only)

Fritz Hansen


Japanese Earthenware

vases – bowl – light tray


design Cecilie Manz

clothes, bags, acces. 
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