Iittala Graphics mugs


design U. Gattoni, C. DeLorenzo, M. Hos et M. Voll Mathiassen

Iittala Graphics are very colourful and surrealistic. They come in a matching gift boxes. They are dishwasher safe.
Christopher DeLorenzo — Shaped/Shifted pattern "Many of the original shapes we find in nature are transformed by our touch and our daily lives. We bend and shift them to create a new world where we can live harmoniously."
Merijin Hos — Distortion pattern "I explored the concept of distortion for my design. I wanted to create a different point of view. I believe both the Nordic way of living and Nordic design always does this."
Magnus Voll Mathiassen — Solid Waves pattern "The patterns reflect the longevity of Nordic design where simple needs meet the delicate, the sophisticated and the bold. All created within a solid, industrial framework with a strong base in craftsmanship."
Ugo Gattoni — Anemone pattern "I wanted my design to spark a sense of wonder, so I created a surrealistic, floating composition of sea plants. A  dreamy still life drawing, which is both  vibrant yet delicate."
clothes, bags, acces. 
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