Leather  – Price group 4
1.1-1.3 mm thick, pigmented leather
The standard grade leather used by Vitra is
a robust leather, dyed-through, pigmented and embossed with an even grain pattern. It is highly durable and easy to maintain.
Available in 8 colours.
Twill fabric – Price group 3
70% new wool, 30% polyamide | Twill 325 g/m2
The high percentage of natural fibres gives Twill very pleasant tactile qualities and an inviting, elegant appearance. Twill is extremely durable and has excellent abrasion resistance (min. 100,000 Martindale cycles, DIN EN ISO 12947-2).
Twill is available in 18 colours.
Plano fabric – Price group 1
100 % polyester | 230 gr/m2
Plano is a robust and versatile fabric suited to a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for office environments. Due to the flat texture of the polyester weave, Plano has an understated appearance that is compatible with countless products.
Plano is available in 39 colours.
Laser fabric – Price group 2
100% Trevira CS polyester | 520 gr/m2
Laser is a sturdy and striking cover fabric with a distinctive woven structure. Easy to care for and durable like sportswear, the fabric is also highly abrasion-resistant. The economical Laser fabric can also be utilised in office environments.
Laser is available in 35 colours.

Customise yourself your chair

Ready made chairs

2 – Select your basic options
Select the module corresponding to the wanted fabric, click on "View" and choose the basic options: backrest, frame and base colour, wheels for hard floor / carpet
4 – Choose your FlowMotion options (optional)
3 – Choose your armrests (optional)
1 – Choose your fabric or leather
Human beings have a natural urge to move – even while seated. Ideally, an office swivel chair should not only offer freedom of movement but also encourage dynamic sitting habits. With this in mind, Vitra developed the FlowMotion mechanism. This patented mechanical unit supports the sitter across the full range of movement – the first to do so not merely when the user leans back but also when the seat is tilted forward. Nearly all functions can be adjusted while sitting in the chair, and just a few quick turns of an adjustment screw enable precision tuning from minimum to maximum resistance. Even if the settings are not optimally adjusted on occasion, the chair still retains its ergonomic properties.
The functional features of the compact and robust FlowMotion mechanism come in four different combinations:
- with forward tilt and seat depth adjustment
- with forward tilt, without seat depth adjustment
- without forward tilt, with seat depth adjustment
- without forward tilt and without seat depth adjustment
The default mechanism delivered is the FlowMotion without forward tilt and without seat depth adjustment. If you prefer a different mechanism for your ID Mesh task chair, please add the option via the module below.
Don't hesitate to ask us some advice and/or to order some free samples.
Fixed ring armrests
The fixed ring armrests in polished die-cast aluminium provide an elegant, minimalist solution for conference settings.
Height-adjustable ring armrests
The height-adjustable ring armrests in polished die-cast aluminium are ideally suited for conference venues.
2D armrests
The 2D armrests are adjustable in height and width. The comfortable, soft armrest pads prevent pressure points from forming.
3D armrests
The 3D armrests feature adjustable height, width and depth and a 360° swivel function. The comfortable, soft armrest pads prevent pressure points from forming.
5 – optional clothes hanger
clothes hanger
Backrest: Sand Leather
Seat: Sand Leather
Frame: soft grey
Base: 4-star base, polished aluminium
Backrest: Plano light grey / ice blue
Seat: Plano light grey / ice blue
Frame: soft grey
Base: 4-star base, polished aluminium
ID Trim with height-adjustable
ring armrests
ID Trim with 3D armrests
ID Trim with fixed ring armrests
ID Trim with 2D armrests
ID Trim w/o armrests
Backrest: Laser Stone grey
Seat: Laser Stone grey
Frame: soft grey
Base: 4-star base, polished aluminium
The Conference version of the ID Trim office chair has a 4-star swivel base with a polished aluminium finish, on glides, and a FlowMotion mechanism especially designed for conference chairs. With its elegant fabric or leather backrest it makes a modern, handcrafted impression. Its “sandwich structure” makes it a popular alternative to an upholstered or mesh backrest. The interplay of the polyamide frame with the multi-chamber padding gives the backrest its three-dimensional range of movement. It adapts to the contours of the sitter's body and distributes varying degrees of flexibility and support to the correct zones. 3-zone comfort: lumbar, thoracic, shoulder zones.
Office swivel chair with 2D or 3D armrests in accordance with EN 1335, Ergonomic Seal of Approval.
Mechanical unit: FlowMotion conference mechanism: no forward tilt, no seat depth adjustment. With individual adjustment of backrest resistance; fixed seat height with shock-absorbing seat suspension for added comfort.
Backrest: frame in polyamide basic dark or soft grey. Optional height-adjustable lumbar cushion. Cover in fabric or leather.
Armrests (see illustration below): 4 armrests types available: Fixed Rings, Rings with height-adjustment, 2D armrests with adjustable height and width, 3D armrests with adjustable height, width and depth and 360° swivel function.
Seat: polyurethane foam upholstery. Seat and back covers in fabric or leather.
Base: four-star swivel base in polished die-cast aluminium on glides in accordance with EN 16139.
Accessories: clothes hanger in polyamide basic dark or soft grey



ID Trim conference chair


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