The Four outdoor table collection is composed of 4 different sizes of tables with aluminium legs. That offers a great corrosion resistance.
Dimensions 90x90cm — 160x90cm — 210x90cm — 270x90cm. Top height: 74cm
Materials bamboo lamellas and powder coated grey aluminium legs.

Houe Tables

Sketch Table – Houe

Four Table – Houe

Leaf Dining Table – Houe

Leaf table is an outdoor table with a triangular design. The table top is made of thick strips of green bamboo with steel legs. It is a nice garden table in the shape of a tree leaf. The ergonomics of the Leaf table and its triangular shape can host 9 people, making it a very convivial table to receive.
Dimensions 146x146x146cm
Sketch table – bamboo table top
160x88cm or 220x88cm
Sketch table – HPL table top
160x90cm, 205x90cm or 240x90cm
Eclipse table 110x200cm
green bamboo table top
Circle table ø110cm or ø150cm
green bamboo table top

Eclipse & Circle Tables – Houe

Eclipse Table and Circle Table are outdoor tables that are available with two different table tops – in green bamboo or HPL – with a steel base.
Thanks to the disposal of the table legs, we can sit where we want without disturbing the knees. There is a granite ornament at the center that, in addition to bringing style, can be used as trivet.
Eclipse Table and Circle Table are available in 2 sizes.
Sketch Table is a large rectangular outdoor table that is available in several sizes to best suit your spaces. This model is available with a bamboo or HPL table top. The steel base form beautiful geometric forms which gives a minimalist style to the table. The legs disposition makes the Sketch table particularly stable.
Houe is a Danish design company founded in 2007 by the designers Henrik Pedersen and Jesper K Thomsend, with a strong grounding in the outdoor furniture. Houe's designs are inspired by the rich history of Scandinavian design, playing with the codes of Nordic vintage and minimalism that Pedersen and Thomsend do not hesitate to revitalize by mixing them with London influences and discrete Dutch connotations.
The outdoor furniture collection Click has been designed for the Danish society Houe by designer Henrik Pedersen, who was able to play intelligently with a vintage aesthetic while making best use of modern materials and techniques. The Click series includes two models of chairs, a position chair, a rocking chair, a sunrocker chair and a footrest.
Each model is based on a metal architecture supporting a plastic lamellas set and bamboo armrests. The elasticity of the plastic and the ergonomics of the metal structure provides excellent comfort even without a cushion. Available in several colours, the lamellas can be easily clipped on the structures, allowing to change the look of the furniture according to your desires.



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