black ceiling cup
9 lamps suspension kit
7 lamps suspension kit
4 lamps suspension kit
The Here Comes the Sun lamps are delivered by default with a white ceiling cup. You can add a black one, available here as an option. The lamps can also be suspended in clusters. 3 kits are available: for clusters of 4, 7 or 9 lamps.
NB: the lamps are sold separately.
optional accessories
white outside / copper inside
black outside / copper inside
white outside / white inside
black outside / white inside
The young and enthusiastic DCW company had the brilliant idea of relaunching the Here Comes the Sun pendant, designed by Bertrand Balas in 1970. This very particular and decorative pendant is available in four finishes: black/copper, white/copper, black/black, white/white. In addition to the 5 formats originally proposed, DCW adds in 2017 the Here Comes the Sun Mini, with a diameter of 10cm, which widens its field of use.

Material: Aluminium.
Ceiling cup Ø90 mm. White. | Cord: Black fabric cord, 3m.
4 available colours: black / copper, white / copper, black / white, white / white
6 available sizes:
Mini : Ø100 mm : Light source: CL III – G4. LED bulb recommanded.
Ø175 mm : Weight 0.5kg. Light source: CL II – G9. LED bulb recommanded.
Ø250 mm : Weight 0.8kg. Light source: CL II – E14. LED ou FLUO bulb.
Ø350 mm : Weight 1.5kg. Light source: CL II – E27. LED ou FLUO bulb.
Ø450 mm : Weight 3.3kg. Light source: CL II – E27. LED ou FLUO bulb.
Ø550 mm : Weight 4kg. Light source: CL II – E27. LED ou FLUO bulb.
Optional: black ceiling cup, suspension kits for 4, 7 or 9 lamps (see below).

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Here Comes the Sun pendant


design Bertrand Balas, 1970

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