Tree Trunk vases

Iris vases

Colour vases

Hand-blown in Morocco, these painted glass vases are an easy way to add a pop of colour to a room. Crafted from recycled glass, they are available in two different sizes in a variety of monocoloured or colour-blocked designs.

Moroccan vases

Based on a handmade design, built and decorated with materials in their natural state, Jessica Hans’ stoneware Vases have a deliberately uneven and irregular design. The design collaboration with Hay is intended to encapsulate Jessica’s organic and abstract work in a functional object, with the sporadic use of colours and shapes making each vase unique.
Dimensions Ø15 x H27 cm

Jessica Hans vases

The Iris vases, with their harmonious and rounded shapes, are handmade in Japan. Their ultra-thin porcelain has a matt finish, which brings them elegance and softness. They are available in 2 heights and 3 pastel colours.
The Colour vases have curved shapes and subtle lines, which give them a warm and contemporary look. These glass vases are available in different shapes and colours.

The Tree Trunk collection offers decorative vases made of porcelain and earthenware.



Hay vases

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