Dimensions: Ø45,8 x H35,5 cm.
Material: polished brass.

Hexagonal version

Dimensions: L49,3 x W27,5 x H35,5 cm.
Materials: polished mirror.

Oblong version

Dimensions: round : Ø45 x H35,5 cm — round XL : Ø65 x H35,5 cm.
Materials: powder coated steel, polished brass and polished mirror.
Colours: aubergine, black, happy red, moss, petrol grey, white, brass and mirror.



Slit Tables


design by Hay

Round versions

Slit Table is a simple metal side table in 3 shapes: round, oblong and hexagonal. Slit Table is paper origami translated to the metal universe, named after the slit that emerges when the plate frame is folded underneath the tabletop. Use them in pairs or clusters or one on one.
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