Connectors combine New Order directly with a table, relinquishing the legs and forming a stable, rigid workstation.


Very similar to the shelving structure of New Order, tables can be joined to form bigger units with the help of double and tripple leg profiles. This is a great help to keep larger arrays of tables in a perfect order, or to create table units with a sensitive wiring.
A set of double and tripple leg profiles combine several tables to a larger unit, which remains stable yet flexible. The triple profile allows for L- or U-shaped combinations.


Acoustic partition walls can be placed onto New Order tables and thus aid in keeping the work environment quiet and private. Just like the New Order panels they can be used as pinboards, offered in cork or an upholstered covering.
Cork is a naturally noise absorbing material.


A basic cable management system is integrated in the structure of each New Order table. With the help of accessories this basic feature can be extended to match versatile expectations in an office universe, but equally at home or for school and work desks.
Tables are shipped flat packed and mounted on site. Aluminum profiles protect the worktop’s edges in a heavy duty environment.


Just like the vertical structure of New Order, the matching tables are built from functional aluminium profiles that are able to handle the infrastructure of cables and acoustic panels often vital for an office environment. The tables are available in various standard sizes fitting the horizontal as well as the vertical grid of New Order. Tabletops are available in natural wood, powder coated in the frame colours and in linoleum, which is soft and ideal for drawing and writing. A set of connectors expand the functionality of the tables allowing them to directly hook onto a New Order shelf and literally merge with it.


Both trays and shelves can be mounted onto the wall, with no height limitations.
New Order can be mounted on the wall, offering both functional storage and a visual renewal of interior space. A snapped-in back-panel prevents New Order from slipping out of the wall anchorage.


New Order’s corner module combines practical and aesthetic qualities in a single design solution. The corner module allows you to build the shelving system around a corner and even build your own closed formations, or a semi-closed room within a room. The square corner module offers the same features as the other components in the system, such as the option to close sections off with doors, back-panels and side-panels. You can even build an open transparent column for display purposes, as the tray function is also available in this square format for the corner module.


New Order is unbiased. Panels and doors can be mounted from any direction and allow simultaneous access from all sides.
Shelves and trays come in standard lengths of 34, 100, 150 and 200 cm. The folding door mechanism guarantees an easy access even with a 2 meter span width. On request, New Order is available in custom sizes to fit the architectural grid in office landscapes.
The handles are exchangeable to either fit the colour of the panels or the frame.
The high-precision engineered hinges are virtually invisible thanks to their lightweight design. Like the panels, the sliding doors are designed to be clicked into place without the use of tools. New Order is the flexible lightness of storage in a durable form. No amount of clutter behind the cabinet doors will make the slightest impression on the clean minimalist exterior.


Upholstered acoustic panels used as a pinboard wall
Acoustic panel in upholstered fabric
Side and back-panels are available in natural or stained wood. Textile covered acoustic panels reduce environmental noise and offer the opportunity to play with texture and a large variety of colors. Acoustic panels simultaneously serve as pin-boards in both domestic and office environments and thus supports the architectural aspiration of New Order.


Panels can be mounted onto any side.
Polypropylene fittings allow the panels to be clipped into the frame.
The simple, graphic grid of New Order is almost ascetic. Adding back and side-panels, the system takes on substance as the unit gradually closes up.
New Order is born of 100% industrial production, reflecting Hay's ambition to create uncompromising quality products. The side and back-panels are mounted from the front, which allows New Order to be assembled directly in front of a wall or corner. This proves to be a great advantage with uneven floors or heavy setups.


Connecting shelves along the length and the width
Double profile
Building up shelving elements
Single profile


Same profiles are used for both shelves and trays
New Order trays are a contemporary alternative to shelves, especially for storing or displaying all sorts of smaller or larger objects. A large array of accessories broaden the tray’s potential in the office environment.


New Order functions as a space-dividing and space-creating system, while at the same time organizing the space in between.
New Order’s grid with its up to 2 meters long shelves and trays let you build airy, open compositions or closed constructions with sliding doors and drawers. By adding side and back panels, wall-like expressions are created, with the closed cabinets taking on a visual substantiality.




New Order

Workspace Modular System


Design: Stefan Diez


The digital development is changing the way we furnish our homes. With a sensitivity to this new paradigm,

New Order

offers contemporary design solutions to fit the needs of our generation. The

New Order

line of shelving and storage systems is well-suited to the domestic environment and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and modular, furniture can be customized to your environment and taste.


Frame: powder coated aluminium

Panels and doors: ash, oak, stainted black ash, stained light grey ash

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clothes, bags, acces.