grater A stainless steel grater with three different-sized holes for grating a variety of foods. The flat design and handles at each end are designed for optimal efficiency and safety when using the grater.
hamburger press HAY’s Italian Hamburger Press is made in aluminium and pushes down the meat/veggie burger to create perfect results every time. Made in Italy.
lemon squeezer The simplest way to squeeze lemons and other citrus fruits, HAY’s Italian Lemon Squeezer is made in durable stainless steel with a perforated rim. Made in Italy.
peelers A steel peeler with a blade suitable for peeling vegetables and fruits. It features a comfortable ergonomic handle that allows you to peel away from yourself.
strainer Designed for straining, sifting and rinsing, HAY’s steel strainer features hooks at the side to keep it in place and a looped handle for easy hanging when not in use.

Kitchen accessories

Metal service items of Hay Market collection have a simple and functional design and are made with stainless steel or aluminium.

Table accessories

With its traditional teapot shape, water Kettle is made of stainless steel and features a stay-cool plastic handle and knob on the lid for easy lifting.
Featuring a slim handle and wide-rimmed spout for easy pouring, Indian Steel Pitcher offers an uncluttered yet functional design. Made in India from stainless steel with a shiny silver surface.

water kettle – pitcher

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