floor lamp –

W25 x D90 x H135 cm

table lamp with clamp –

W18.5 x D90 x H66.4 cm

table lamp with base –

W18.5 x D90 x H60 cm

mini table lamp –

W16.5 x D65 x H45 cm




Fifty-fifty lamp

table lamp and floor lamp


design Sam Weller, 2018

Influenced by physics and engineering, designer Sam Weller has named the lamp "Fifty-fifty" because of his counterweight system that creates a balance between the two parts. The single cantilever arm is easy to tilt and pivot with one hand, featuring a touch-sensitive dimmer switch for precisely positioning and controlling the light source.
The collection comprises lamps with weighted bases in large and small sizes, a large table lamp with clamp base and a floor lamp.
Arm extruded aluminium with die cast aluminium joints and head
Base die cast aluminium with internal sand cast iron counter weight. Powder coated steel base plate with foam pad protector.
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