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200x80cm table – height 105cm

300x120cm table – height 74cm

300x90cm table – height 74cm

250x120cm table – height 74cm

250x90cm table – height 74cm

200x90cm table – height 74cm

matt lacquered oak
white laminate
off-white linoleum
grey linoleum
green linoleum
black linoleum
The CPH30 table top is available in 4 linoleum colours (black, off-white, grey, green), in white laminate or in wood veneer matching the wood structure (except soaped oak – which is only available with a linoleum or laminate table top – and black stained oak – which is only available with a linoleum table top).


black stained oak
matt lacquered oak
soaped oak


HAY has invited Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to design a new collection of furniture for the redesigned University of Copenhagen (KUA). The collection includes a wooden chair, a bar stool and several tables. Copenhague CPH30 table is characterized by its slanted legs very suitable for dining room tables or conference rooms.
Dimensions  200x90x74cm, 250x90x74cm, 300x90x74cm, 250x120x74cm, 300x120x74cm, 200x80x105cm
Frame  solid oak, with matt lacquer, soap or stained black finish
Table top  24 mm plywood, oak veneer,  Black, Grey, Green or Off white linoleum, or white laminate.



Copenhague  CPH30 rectangular tables


design Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec

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