american oiled walnut /
Chamois 1718 Gubi leather
oiled oak /
Chamois 1718 Gubi leather
brown-black stained oak
oiled oak
oiled american walnut
oiled oak
black stained oak


Gubi leathers – Price group 5
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French designer Marcel Gascoin was one of the leading furniture designers of the post-war era. He played a vital role in the reconstruction of France after World War II, where his streamlined wooden furniture, focused on clean aesthetics and functionality, became the staple for 1950s French households.
Gascoin worked as an interior architect and designer with the French Ministry of Reconstruction and Urbanism to design and build homes and the furniture to fill them during the post-war housing crisis in France. Forward-thinking for his time and with a strong social conscience, Gascoin’s democratic design drew lines between art and industry, converging clean aesthetics with rational manufacturing processes.
Marcel Gascoin was a member of the UAM (L’Union des Artistes Moderne) alongside important modernist designers Robert Mallet Stevens, Charlotte Perriand, Rene Herbst and Le Corbusier. This was an intellectual movement bound by a philosophy of design that united function with fabrication. In his own workshop, Gascoin passed on his know-how to the following generations of interior decorators, and several of Gascoin’s apprentices like Michel Mortier, Pierre Paulin and Joseph-André Motte went on to distinguished careers as designers in their own right.
Today Gascoin’s work, unrecognized for a long time, has been progressively re-discovered by collectors, adoring his simple and striking furniture creations.

Marcel Gascoin (1907-1986)

The C-chair can be made on order with a wide range of fabrics and leather. If you need fabric samples, we will gladly send them freely to you (against deposit). Do not hesitate to contact us to talk directly of your project. Lead-time approx. 3-5 weeks.
Silk leather – 100% anilin leather – Price group 6
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Sunniva 2 – Price group 5
58% wool, 25% viscose, other
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Hallingdal 65 – Price group 4
70% wool, 30% viscose
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Rime – Price group 3
90% wool, 10% nylon
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Canvas – Price group 3
90% wool, 10% nylon
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Velluto di Cotone velvet – Price group 3
100% cotton
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Remix – Price group 2
92% wool, 8% nylon
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Hot Madison – Price group 1
63% cotton, 37% linen
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Solo – Price group 4
61% viscose, 17% cotton, 17% polyester, 5% linen
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Sehnsucht – Price group 4
100% polyester
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Pfauenauge – Price group 4
54% polyester, 34% cotton, 12% polyamid
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Korb – Price group 4
66% cotton, 20% polyamid, 14% viscose
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Jardin – Price group 4
100% polyester
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Act – Price group 4
100% polyester
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ready made C-chair

american oiled walnut
oiled oak / Sinequanon 010 fabric (Dedar) 
oiled oak / Sinequanon 009 Acqua fabric (Dedar) 
oiled oak / Sinequanon 008 Linen fabric (Dedar) 
brown-black stained oak / Nubuck 1709 Gubi leather
brown-black stained oak / Sinequanon 030 Ficelle fabric (Dedar) 
brown-black stained oak / Sinequanon 030 Ficelle fabric (Dedar) 

seat and back

french cane

seat upholstered +


french cane

american oiled walnut / Chamois 1718 Gubi leather

fully upholstered

One of Marcel Gascoin’s most well-known pieces, the C-Chair Dining Chair, was designed in 1947. The chair represent not only the aesthetic and practical power of Gascoin’s designs, but also the social conscience he strongly demonstrated through the post-war years in France. The C-Chair was originally created out of necessity to fit in to the new sizes of homes build at the end of World War II, where Gascoin made up for the lack of space by creating simple, functional furniture.
Cleverly designed with great attention to detail, the C-Chair possesses an elegant shape yet sturdy construction rooted in a simple, minimal and strong design language. Characterised by voluminous and vigorous legs juxtaposed by an inviting seat in lighter material like cane, straw or fabric, the quality of the C-Chair reveals itself through modern lines, sobriety and high-quality wooden workmanship.
Dimensions W41 x D53 x H79 cm
Finishes american oiled walnut – black stained oak – brown-black stained oak – oiled oak



C-chair dining chair


design Marcel Gascoin, 1947

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