Cushion: 58x37cm. Cotton, flossflakes.

Blue Throw

– 52% alpaca, 48% cotton

Gold Throw

– 45% cotton, 35% superfine Merino wool, 20% alpaca



Jaime Hayon’s characteristic illustrations provide a unique expression that is both artistic and thoughtful. The cushion is loaded with good spirits and deliver a subtle extra layer of “feel good”, while the throw's design is expressive and a constant source of warmth and enjoyment. Their woven pattern is expressed in two shades, front and back. The throw comes in two colours: Gold and Blue.
Cushion: 58x37cm. Cotton, flossflakes.
Gold throw: 130x200cm. 45% cotton, 35% superfine Merino wool, 20% alpaca
Blue throw: 130x205cm. 52% alpaca, 48% cotton.

Fritz Hansen


Jaime Hayón Throws & Cushion


design Jaime Hayón

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