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Natural leather

Rustic leather

Sense leather

Elegance leather

Vegetable-tanned, chrome-free, natural leather, no colour or protective finish. Becomes darker and patinated with use, visible natural markings.
Thickness 1.2-1.4 mm.
Vegetable-tanned, chrome-free, aniline, no protective finish, light impregnation, visible natural marks. Becomes lighter and patinated with use. Thickness 1.2-1.4 mm.
Chrome-tanned, fully grained, extraordinary soft aniline with a special waxing giving a slightly 'oily' surface. Colour variations, visible natural markings eg. Neck wrinkles. Colours: Chocolate and Concrete grey. Thickness 1.0-1.2 mm.
Elegance is an exquisite type of leather of the finest quality European oxhide. It has an exclusive and natural look and is soft and pleasant to the touch. Elegance is aniline leather and is chrome tanned but then subsequently vegetable tanned, which gives the leather greater firmness. This type of leather has a natural and raw surface, allowing the leather to breathe and offers excellent sitting comfort as well as a feeling of exclusivity. The leather is full grain, which means that its natural surface structure has been preserved and all natural markings are visible. Natural markings are the hallmarks of the animal’s active life and give the piece of furniture a unique sense of character. Elegance leather varies in colour from hide to hide and acquires a beautiful, lighter patina with use and exposure to sunlight.
85% wool / 15% polyamide – 25 available colours – 200.000 Martindale (durability)

95% wool of New Zealand / 5% polyamide – 60 available colours – 200.000 Martindale (durability) 

92% wool / 8% nylon – 27 available colours – 60.000 Martindale (durability)
58% wool / 25% viscose / other – 24 available colours – 50.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 27 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 24 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool  – 56 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 50 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 37 available colours – 80.000 Martindale (durability)
70% wool / 30% viscose – 58 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
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90% wool / 10% helanca – 47 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
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Soft leather

Soft is a very smooth and soft type of leather, combining a natural look with durability and user-friendliness. This type of leather comes from European hides and is semi-aniline. The leather is full grain, which means that its natural surface structure has been preserved. Soft has been treated with a light finish, making it durable and very user-friendly with excellent sitting comfort. This type of leather has the added advantage of being colourfast.
The versions below have been selected by the designer Jaime Hayón.
Sammen JH30
Sammen JH20
> yellow – Hallingdal 407 fabric + natural oak base
> light pink – Sunniva 143 fabric + natural oak base
> grey – Sunniva 242 fabric + natural oak base
> dark green – Balder 982 fabric + black lacquered oak base
> burgundy – Balder 682 fabric + black lacquered oak base
> blue – Sunniva 192 fabric + black lacquered oak base


is a soft and comfortable chair designed by Jaime Hayón. Sammen is instantly likable because it is an honest, modern and simple chair – a comfortable seat that makes you feel relaxed and free to share your thoughts with everyone around the dining table. This is where we eat, meet, work and discuss life’s events, big and small, spending hours of quality time. The chair puts you in the right frame of mind – relaxed, at ease and ready to take part in these shared moments. The warm look of the wooden legs and the soft, padded shell that embraces you make Sammen a perfect choice for making your dining room feel like your living room.The

Sammen chair

is available in two versions:

Sammen JH20

without armrests and

Sammen JH30

with armrests.



JH20: D58 x W49 x H86cm, seat height 45.5cm | JH30: D58 x W55.5 x H86cm, seat height 45.5cm.


Available in natural oak and black oak.



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Sammen chair


design Jaime Hayón, 2015

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