85% wool / 15% polyamide – 25 available colours – 200.000 Martindale (durability)
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Natural leather

Rustic leather

Sense leather

Elegance leather

Vegetable-tanned, chrome-free, natural leather, no colour or protective finish. Becomes darker and patinated with use, visible natural markings.
Thickness 1.2-1.4 mm.
Vegetable-tanned, chrome-free, aniline, no protective finish, light impregnation, visible natural marks. Becomes lighter and patinated with use. Thickness 1.2-1.4 mm.
Chrome-tanned, fully grained, extraordinary soft aniline with a special waxing giving a slightly 'oily' surface. Colour variations, visible natural markings eg. Neck wrinkles. Colours: Chocolate and Concrete grey. Thickness 1.0-1.2 mm.
Elegance is an exquisite type of leather of the finest quality European oxhide. It has an exclusive and natural look and is soft and pleasant to the touch. Elegance is aniline leather and is chrome tanned but then subsequently vegetable tanned, which gives the leather greater firmness. This type of leather has a natural and raw surface, allowing the leather to breathe and offers excellent sitting comfort as well as a feeling of exclusivity. The leather is full grain, which means that its natural surface structure has been preserved and all natural markings are visible. Natural markings are the hallmarks of the animal’s active life and give the piece of furniture a unique sense of character. Elegance leather varies in colour from hide to hide and acquires a beautiful, lighter patina with use and exposure to sunlight.
90% wool / 10% nylon – 28 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
92% wool / 8% nylon – 49 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
92% wool / 8% nylon – 27 available colours – 60.000 Martindale (durability)
58% wool / 25% viscose / other – 24 available colours – 50.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 27 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool – 24 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
100% wool  – 56 available colours – 45.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 50 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
90% wool / 10% nylon – 37 available colours – 80.000 Martindale (durability)
70% wool / 30% viscose – 58 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
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90% wool / 10% helanca – 47 available colours – 100.000 Martindale (durability)
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Soft leather

Soft is a very smooth and soft type of leather, combining a natural look with durability and user-friendliness. This type of leather comes from European hides and is semi-aniline. The leather is full grain, which means that its natural surface structure has been preserved. Soft has been treated with a light finish, making it durable and very user-friendly with excellent sitting comfort. This type of leather has the added advantage of being colourfast.
Fri is an easy chair designed by Jaime Hayon and manufactured by Fritz Hansen. The shell of the Fri chair is created in hard polyurethane foam with glass fibre re-enforcement edges as the Egg and the Swan. The seat cushion is made of moulded polyurethane foam to achieve the right form and comfort. The back cushion on the Fri chair is made of two slices of soft foam with a lumbar support to increase economy and comfortability. The shell and cushions come fully upholstered in 7 designer colours, but you can also customise your Fri with a large selection of fabrics and leathers. The base comes with four legs made of brushed aluminium or oak. Each leg has nylon glides suitable for a majority of floors.
The chair can be upholstered with 2 different fabrics or leather – one for the shell, the other for the cushions – without extra cost. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advice.
Materials  Fully upholstered. Base: brushed aluminium or oak. For more options, please contact us.
Dimensions  H90.5 x W80 x D88 cm. Seat height 43cm.
Warranty Fritz Hansen offers an extended limited warranty if you register your Fri easy chair online at fritzhansen.com/MY-REPUBLIC. Registration with the product ID number must be made within three (3) months from the date of purchase, otherwise the extended limited warranty will not apply. Years of warranty: 5 years covers: Fabric, Cushions, Base: Powder coated aluminium 10 years covers: Shell, Base: Brushed aluminium.

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design Jaime Hayón, 2015

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