Michael Geertsen, about his creation: "The charming irregularities found in bone china (a semi-transparent material made of white clay with bone ash) have a lot in common with the beauty marks we experience on natural leather hides. They underline the personality of the material and ensures that no two lamps are the same".
Michael Geertsen’s art is represented at the Metropolitan Museum and MAD/Museum of Arts and Design in New York as well as The Victoria and Albert Museum in London among many other places. He realized a lamp at the same time simple and sophisticated. Its name "Dogu" refers to the traditional Japanese terracotta statuettes dating back more than 10,000 years representing fantastic characters. These enigmatic pieces had no function proper but rather an immaterial and emotional value.
The body of the lamp is fashioned from China porcelain, which gives Dogu a sensual look.
Dimensions Ø24 x H32.9 cm
Materials porcelain, aluminium
Finishes gold or silver
Light source E27
allumée / éteinte
allumée / éteinte

LightYears / Fritz Hansen


Dogu pendant


design Michael Geertsen, 2018

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