The Danish architect Bodil Kjær’s Cross-Plex™ lamp first saw the light of day in 1961. This exceptional lamp – shaped like a cross and moulded in plexiglass, hence the name – consists of only the very necessary. Cross-Plex is therefore a pure reflection of the architect and designer’s characteristic clean-cut and straight lines – something she uses in everything she has designed. Seen from its profile, the table lamp almost looks like a miniature building with the opal shade representing an illuminated roof. The base is constructed as a puzzle leaving the exact amount of space needed for the cord to ascend in the centre of the design where it perfectly meets the socket. These transparent details, rendering the design honest, are simple but refined. The overall appearance of Cross-Plex is a clear reflection of Bodil Kjær’s design philosophy of not merely designing but creating solutions and solving problems.
Cross Plex T-300 H30 x W40 cm
Cross Plex T-500 H50 x W20 cm
Light source E27

LightYears / Fritz Hansen


Cross Plex table lamp


design Bodil Kjær, 1961

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