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Calculate the price of your rug
Kvadrat carpets are billed by square decimeter (10 x 10 cm). The price of a square decimeter of Duotone carpet is 3,26 €.
If you want, for example, a 80 x 130 cm rug:
its surface will be 8 x 13 = 104 square decimeters, and it price will be 104 x 3,26 = 339 €.
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The Duotone made-to-order can be made in the exact size you want, up to 300x600cm.
The power of Duotone lies in its simplicity. Each rug is made using only two colours: one for the weft and the other for the warp. It is the resulting mix of the two that gives each piece its own identity.
‘This is the most simple  at woven basket construction; the archetype of weaving,’ says Hella Jongerius. In that way the design refers to Hallingdal, an iconic upholstery fabric from Kvadrat, which is also a basket woven fabric and well known for being available in a wide variety of duotone colourways. The different thicknesses of the yarns and the contrasting colours lend the rug an appealing irregularity. Duotone brings colour to a space but is never overpowering because the mix of the yarns soften its intensity. It is hand woven by skilled weavers in India using New Zealand wool.



Duotone made-to-order rug


design Hella Jongerius

Maximum size 300x600cm Material 100% new wool Product method hand woven Weight 1600gr/m2  Height 5mm Country of origin India & New Zeland
clothes, bags, acces. 
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