Saddle leather – price group D
The images below are meant to illustrate the look of the cowhide. Each cowhide is individual and the presence of the colours black / white and brown / white will differ. Please note that each hide is unique and may vary in colour, pattern and hair length. Tested according to hair attachment strength BS5131. Natural product, i.e. hairs are affected differently in wear.
brown / white
black / white
Cow hides – price group C
Sif 98
Sif 95
Sif 93
Sif 92
Sif 91
Sif 90
Sif is a full grain, uncoated pure aniline ox hide. Only the very finest hides are chosen. The tanning and dying processes are one and the same. No final pigmentation or coating are applied, so slight variations within hides and between hides may occur. Sif has the most exclusive touch and the highest breathability. It has the most natural surface structure which is whey scars or other marks may be visible. Be aware that the light or vegetal colours will age with patina and grace – however, they are also very susceptible to stains. The darker colours will fade somewhat if exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time. We recommend this type of leather for those who want the very best comfort and quality, and who love the graceful ageing of the very best leather.
leather Sif – price group C
Thor 399
Thor 398
Thor 390
Thor 377
Thor 359
Thor 350
Thor 332
Thor 325
Thor 310
Thor 307
Thor 306
Thor 301
Thor 300
Thor is a semi-aniline ox hide with a natural grain and a coated surface. More uniform hides are chosen for this type of leather. It has a largely uniform surface structure with some visible scars or other marks. After aniline dying, a pigmentation coat is added to give perfect colour uniformity. Finally, a top coating is added to give the leather a protective layer. This type of leather has a good touch and low breathability. The advantages of Thor are that it requires low-maintenance and resists most stains and fading from sunlight. We recommend this type of leather for homeowners who want a good balance between maintenance and comfort. Thor is available in many colours.
leather Thor – price group B
Loke 7766
Loke 7763
Loke 7748
Loke 7744
Loke 7732
Loke 7310
Loke 7270
Loke 7240
Loke 7210
Loke 7170
Loke 7160
Loke 7150
Loke 7140
Loke 7110
Loke 7100
Loke 7060
Loke 7050
The Loke leather is a buffed, embossed ox hide with a coated surface. Hides used for this type of leather are sanded to uniform thickness and then embossed to achieve a uniform surface without visible scares or other marks. Finally, a top coating is added to give the leather a protective layer. This type of leather has a pleasant surface with low breathability. The advantages of Loke are that is requires low-maintenance and resists most stains and fading from sunlight. We recommend this type of leather for homeowners who want easy maintenance at the lowest possible cost as well as for restaurants, hotels, public spaces etc. Loke is available in many colours.
leather Loke – price group A
fabrics price group 4
colour 821
colour 180
colour 531
colour 120
colour 170
colour 581
> Divina Melange 2 100% wool / 5% nylon – Durability: 45.000 Martindale
colour 191
fabrics price group 3
colour 821
colour 151
colour 981
colour 171
colour 591
colour 551
> Fiord 92% wool / 8% nylon – Durability: 60.000 Martindale
colour 170
colour 122
colour 116
colour 114
> Molly 2 100% wool – Durability: 75.000 Martindale
colour 180
colour 173
colour 227
colour 600
colour 116
colour 457
colour 130
colour 694
colour 944
colour 126
colour 750
fabrics price group 2
> Hallingdal 65 70% wool / 30% viscose – Durability: 100.000 Martindale
colour 4001
colour 4601
colour 5201
colour 5501
> Capture fabric 85% new wool (worsted) / 15% polyamide – Durability: 200.000 Martindale
colour 2101
colour 6101
colour 3103
colour 2103
> Mood fabric 92%  wool  / 8% polyamid – Durability: 90.000 Martindale
colour 974
colour 794
colour 746
colour 734
colour 566
colour 124
colour 244
> Canvas 2 fabric 90% new wool (worsted) / 10% nylon – Durability: 100.000 Martindale
colour 144
colour 793
colour 188
colour 983
> Clara 2 fabric 92% wool / 8% nylon – Durability: 80.000 Martindale
colour 123
colour 173
colour 823
colour 443
colour 682
colour 923
colour 133
colour 163
> Remix 2 fabric 90% wool / 10% nylon – Durability: 100.000 Martindale
colour 612
colour 182
colour 452
colour 782
colour 912
colour 552
colour 512
colour 952
colour 992
fabrics price group 1
> Forest Nap fabric 95% new wool (worsted) / 5% nylon – Durability: 50.000 Martindale
clear lacquered walnut
oiled walnut
clear lacquered oak
oiled oak
To know more about the woods, their finishes and care instructions, please visit this page.

woods and finishes

The Dream chair can be customized by playing with the choice of wood and fabric / leather. You will find below information to help you choose the wood of the structure, and a preselection of fabrics and leathers particularly suited for this chair. Besides their intrinsic characteristics, fabrics and leathers are distinguished by their price category: groups 1, 2 and 3 for fabrics (increasing prices), groups A, B and C for leather (idem). Do not hesitate to contact us to talk directly of your project. We also have at your disposal a wide collection of wood, fabrics and leathers samples, we will gladly send it you free of charge (against deposit).

Customize your Dream Chair

lacquered walnut + Thor 307 leather upholstery
lacquered oak + Thor 332 leather upholstery
lacquered walnut + Thor 307 leather neck cushion
lacquered oak + Thor 325 leather neck cushion

Carl Hansen & Søn


Dream Chair (TA001)


design Tadao Ando, 2013

Tadao Ando designed the Dream Chair as a tribute to Hans J. Wegner. The Dream Chair is a comfortable furniture piece that invites relaxed reflection. A sculptural work of art in itself, the chair is particularly well suited for larger rooms where it can be seen and enjoyed from all angles. The Dream chair is made of three‐dimensional plywood, which has special characteristics that allows it to be curved along two axles during the molding process. Tadao Ando and the cabinetmakers at Carl Hansen & Søn pushed the size and curvature of the plywood sheet in order to achieve the necessary characteristics of a chair, attaining a result beyond what was thought to be possible when working with three‐dimensional plywood.
Tadao Ando founded Tadao Ando Architects & Associates in 1969, where his ideas on architectural design really took root. He has since achieved international acclaim and his original works have received prestigious awards such as the Carlsberg Prize in 1992, the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1995, Premium Imperiale award in 1996, and the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold Medal in 1997.
The Dream Chair is available in oak or walnut (lacquered or oiled) without upholstery, or with fabric or leather upholstery on the front side and an adjustable neck cushion. The neck cushion can be adjusted 7cm. The chair can hold up to 160 kg.
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