Divina MD

is an upholstery textile designed by Finn Sködt. Available in sophisticated, rich colours, which reveal hidden depths as the perspective of the viewer changes, it makes a strong colour statement. In addition, thanks to its smooth, directionless and consistent surface, it complements the shape of furniture very well and is ideal for organically shaped furniture.

Suitable for soft seating for both contract and private use, material-dyed Divina MD is soft, comfortable and durable. A heavily milled textile, it is manufactured by weaving yarn in a plain weave and then shrinking it in a mechanical process, which uses high temperatures. This method gives it an attractive felt-like look, which is similar to Divina and Divina Melange, the other fabrics in the Divina ‘family’.

As a result, the fabrics complement each other well.



100% wool.


150 cm wide.


840 g/lin.m.


45.000 Martindale.


Sold by meter.

Dot cushion by Hay with Divina MD – 753
Divina MD – 753
Dot cushion by Hay with Divina MD – 913
Divina MD – 913
CH162 sofa by Carl Hansen with Divina MD – 203
Divina MD – 203



Divina MD fabric


design Finn Sködt MDD AGI, 1999

(revision 2004)

Favn sofa by Fritz Hansen, cushion with Divina MD – 613
(shell with Steelcut 605, back & seat with Canvas 614)
Divina MD – 613
Dot cushion by Hay with Divina MD – 733
Divina MD – 733
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