Twill fabric
70% new wool, 30% polyamide | Twill 325 g/m2
The high percentage of natural fibres gives Twill very pleasant tactile qualities and an inviting, elegant appearance. Twill is extremely durable and has excellent abrasion resistance (min. 100,000 Martindale cycles, DIN EN ISO 12947-2).
Twill is available in 18 colours.
Silk Mesh fabric
Colour nero: 67% polyester, 33% polyamide | other colours: 100% polyester | 300 g/m2
Silk Mesh  is a technical spacer fabric with an elegant look and soft feel. It consists of polyester yarns that form a finely woven surface. Silk Mesh is easy to care for, durable, antistatic and breathable.
Silk Mesh is available in 9 colours.
Diamond Mesh fabric
100% polyester | 600 g/m2
Diamond Mesh is a technical spacer fabric with a striking appearance and pleasant feel. It consists of polyester yarns interwoven into a honeycomb structure, which enhances thermal comfort for sitters. Diamond Mesh is robust and antistatic.
Diamond Mesh is available in 9 colours.
Plano fabric
100 % polyester | 230 gr/m2
Plano is a robust and versatile fabric suited to a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for office environments. Due to the flat texture of the polyester weave, Plano has an understated appearance that is compatible with countless products.
Plano is available in 39 colours.
Thickness: 1.1–1.3 mm
The standard grade leather used by Vitra is a robust cowhide leather, dyed-through, pigmented and embossed with an even grain pattern. Since it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it can also be used in office environments.
Standard leather is available in 8 colours.
Volo fabric
85% new wool, 15% polyamide | 435 gr/m2
Volo is a finely structured wool blend with a refined weave that gives it an elegant appearance. This expressive textile shows strong solid colours to full advantage while simultaneously offering pleasant tactile qualities. With its soft look and appealing texture, Volo is a perfect fit for home interiors, but it is also well suited for use in the contract sector.
Volo is available in 17 colours.
Laser fabric
100% Trevira CS polyester | 520 gr/m2
Laser is a sturdy and striking cover fabric with a distinctive woven structure. Easy to care for and durable like sportswear, the fabric is also highly abrasion-resistant. The economical Laser fabric can also be utilised in office environments.
Laser is available in 35 colours.
28% polyester, 72% PVC | 510 gr/m2
Netweave is a semi-transparent, self-supporting mesh fabric. Despite being extremely robust, Netweave has an elegant and airy appearance. Netweave is available in 3 colours for the Aluminium Chair.
Netweave is available in black, grey and white.

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