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The Cirque pendant is part of this new collection launched by Louis Poulsen, in collaboration with the graphic artist and Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk. It was after a trip to the Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen that this lamp was created. When an object is spinning on itself at high speed, like a carousel, the colours blend and we can see horizontal bands of color. These swirling impressions resulted in a series of innovative lamps that add character and originality to their environment – both in daylight and when lit.
The Cirque pendant is suitable for all kinds of environment: a bar, restaurant, kitchen, or even a room. It diffuses light downwards, and thanks to its matte white reflector, it does not dazzle when suspended at a normal height.
The Cirque pendant is available in three sizes and four color combinations, one vivid and three more sober.
Dimensions Ø150 mm – Ø220 mm – Ø380 mm
Finish Grey top – Copper top – Red top – Yellow top wet painted.
Material Shield: Drawn aluminium.
Mounting Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm2. Canopy: Yes. Length: 3m.
Weight Min: 0.5 kg Max: 4.0 kg
Light source E27. Any type of LED bulb can be used.
Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II wo. ground.

Louis Poulsen


Cirque pendant


design Clara von Zweigbergk

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