finish natural walnut

finish classic walnut

Cherner Chair and Cherner Armchair are the most famous creations of Norman Cherner. Very confortable and resistant despite his visual lightness, Cherner Chair and Cherner Armchair are available in two walnut versions:  "natural walnut" and "Classical Walnut". Natural walnut have a clear top coat where the natural variations in the color and the grain of the wood are clearly visible. No stain or color enhancements are used. Classical walnut use aniline dyes and water-based low VOC varnishes, wich produce a finish where the natural grain texture of the wood is clearly visible with uniform color through-out. 
Made in USA.
Cherner armchair L 67,7 x P 54,6 x H 80,2 cm
Cherner chair L 48,4 x P 54,6 x H 80,2 cm

Cherner Chair Company


Cherner chair and armchair


design Norman Cherner, 1958

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