clear lacquered walnut/oak
oiled walnut / oak
clear lacquered walnut
oiled walnut
black painted oak
(wood rain visible)
clear lacquered oak
oiled oak
white oiled oak
soaped oak
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woods and finishes

> natural woods and black painted woods

The CH26 is made on order. Delivery time is approx 6 weeks.
The seat and back of the CH26 armchair are made of papercord. Two colours are available: natural or black papercord.


Some examples

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The CH26 chair has its own reversible leather seat cushion. It is available in 7 colours: golden brown, dark brown, brown, dark red, red, white and black.

Leather seat cushion

Combination 4
seat & back: oiled walnut
structure: oiled walnut
cover cap: oiled walnut
paper cord: natural
Combination 3
seat & back: oiled walnut
structure: oiled oak
cover cap: oiled oak
paper cord: natural
Combination 5
seat & back: black painted oak
structure: black painted oak
cover cap: black painted oak
paper cord: black
Combination 2
seat & back: oiled oak
structure: oiled oak
cover cap: oiled walnut
paper cord: natural
Combination 1
seat & back: oiled oak
structure: oiled oak
cover cap: oiled oak
paper cord: natural
Like the CH22, the CH26 design also dates back to 1950, but the chair had never before been produced, and no mockups existed. The CH26’s striking similarity to the CH22 is evident in the armrests and the characteristic, sweeping form of the armrest supports. Because Wegner intended for the CH26 to serve as a dining or desk chair, he gave serious consideration to the chair’s proportions and its height in relation to tables, adjusting the CH26’s frame and seat structure to enhance strength and stability.
The CH26 design has now finally come to life, manufactured in exact accordance with Wegner’s original, hand-drawn sketches, the only exception being two extra centimeters that have been added to the chair’s height to accommodate today’s higher tables and people.
The CH26 has excellent ergonomics, a robust construction, and characteristically shaped elements, which result in a distinctive appearance that expresses the extent to which every detail has been thought through. 
The CH26 is available in solid oak and walnut as well as a combination of these wood types, with various finishes. The seat is available in natural or black paper cord.
Dimensions: 44.5 cm (seat height), 79.8 cm (height), 51.9 cm (depth), and 59.2 cm (width).

Carl Hansen & Søn


CH26 Chair


design Hans J. Wegner, 1950

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