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2018, Nov. 3
oiled walnut
A seat cushion has been specially designed for the CH24 chairs, to ensure optimum comfort. It is available in 7 colours of Loke leather.
Visit this page to choose the one that suits you best.
black painted beech
lacquered cherry
oiled beech
black painted oak
lacquered ash
oiled ash
white oiled ash
oiled cherry
lacquered walnut
lacquered oak / walnut
oiled oak / walnut
smoked oiled oak
soaped ash

CH24 with natural papercord

To have more information about the different woods, finishes and care instructions, visit this page.
lacquered oak
white oiled oak
oiled oak
soaped oak
lacquered beech
soaped beech
CH24 Chair - or Wishbone Chair, referring to his back recording a breastbone of chicken - is one of the most popular chairs by Hans Wegner. Beautiful from all angles, the CH24 Chair is part of the series "Chinese chairs", which were inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs. Reflecting its continued success, Carl Hansen & son product CH24 chair for over half a century without interruption.
The CH24 chair can be used as a chair for meals, office chair or side chair in a salon. It is available in beech, oak, ash, walnut and cherry, with a sit in papercord of natural color or black.

Carl Hansen & Søn


CH24 Wishbone Chair


natural wood



Hans Wegner


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