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The seat of the CH23 is made of natural or black  papercord.

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clear lacquered walnut/oak
oiled walnut / oak
clear lacquered walnut
oiled walnut
black painted oak
(wood rain visible)
smoked oak
clear lacquered oak
oiled oak
white oiled oak
soaped oak

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Combination 4
structure: oiled walnut
cover cap: oiled walnut
paper cord: natural
Combination 3
structure: oiled walnut
cover cap: oiled oak
paper cord: natural
Combination 5
structure: black painted oak
cover cap: black painted oak
paper cord: black
Combination 2
structure: oiled oak
cover cap: oiled oak
paper cord: natural
Combination 1
structure: soaped oak
cover cap: soaped oak
paper cord: natural
The CH23 belongs to the first collection, composed of 4 seats, which Hans Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & søn. The 3 others – the CH22, CH24 and CH25 – were in continuous production or were recently reissued. By re-introducing the CH23 to the public, Carl Hansen offers the whole of this inaugural collection, which Wegner designed in only a few weeks at the age of 35. While the CH24, also known as the Wishbone chair, is the most famous and now the most sold, it was the CH23 that at the time had the most lively commercial success. The explanation might be, as suggested by Knut Erik Hansen, grandson of the founder of the brand, that the CH23 presents relatively classical lines for the time while the 3 others were perceived as particularly radical and revolutionary.
Perfectly true to the original design, the CH23 is a dining chair without armrests. Its simplicity of design is enhanced by superb details of construction, such as the 2 caps encrusted in the back, magnified by the mixture of essences. Another subtlety: the double woven paper cord seat, which production takes 1h30 to a very experienced worker, and whose lifetime is about fifty years. The only difference with the original model: teak, now protected in the Scandinavian countries, has been replaced by oak and American walnut from sustainably managed forests.
The CH23 is available in solid oak and walnut as well as a combination of these wood types, with various finishes. The seat is available in natural or black paper cord.
Dimensions 44.5 cm (seat height), 78.6 cm (height), 50.3 cm (depth), and 50.3 cm (width).

Carl Hansen & Søn


CH23 Chair


design Hans J. Wegner, 1950

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