92% wool / 8% nylon – 27 available colours 
90% wool / 10% nylon – 27 available colours 
90% wool / 10% helanca – 47 available colours 
90% wool / 10% nylon – 28 available colours 
58% wool / 25% viscose / other – 24 available colours 
100% wool – 27 available colours 
100% wool – 24 available colours 
100% wool  – 56 available colours 
90% wool / 10% nylon – 50 available colours 
90% wool / 10% nylon – 37 available colours 
92% wool / 8% nylon – 49 available colours 
70% wool / 30% viscose – 58 available colours 
price group 3
price group 4
price group 2
price group 1

full grain aniline leather

JH14: round tubes
JH13: flat-oval tubes
steelcut 365 fabric
hallingdal 130 fabric
divina 793 fabric
steelcut 655 fabric
Jacquard neutral fabric
hallingdal 224 fabric
divina 944 fabric
The Catch Lounge chairs JH13 & JH14 can be upholstered with a wide collection of Kvadrat fabrics or with Silk leather by CA-MO. Delivery time is approx. 6 / 8 weeks. We have a wide collection of samples, we will gladly send it to you against deposit. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk directly of your project.

customize your lounge chair


ready-made lounge chairs

Catch illustrates Jaime Hayon's taste for humor and personification: the armchair holds out his arms like a friend ready to embrace you. It has a high back and an elongated seat, supported by a steel structure, available in 2 versions. The chair is slightly tilted backwards, allowing you to sit back and relax.
"The more we work with Hayon, the more we appreciate his ability to bring humanity and warmth to all his concepts," says Martin Kornbek Hansen, &tradition Brand Director. "Historically, the classic lounge chairs had a somewhat distant side, but Hayon managed to make the Catch Lounge more personal, fostering a more intimate atmosphere and facilitating conversation, which corresponds to our Danish idea of cosy. We call it hyggeligt."
As Hayon sees it, “A lounge chair should be inviting to look at. In a way, it should be almost irresistible. Meaning you can’t help but sit back, get comfortable and have a chat. That’s what I wanted to achieve. With the added element of the two arms, like a friend, happy to welcome you.”
Material: molded PU foam core covered in soft CMHR foam for superior comfort. Steel base. Fabric or leather upholstery.
Upholstery: Kvadrat fabric or Ca-Mo leather.
Base: satin matt warm black powder coating (RAL 8022). Felt gliders. JH13: flat-oval tubes | JH14 round tubes.
Weight: 13 kg
Size: H86 x W82 x D92 cm. Armrest height 58cm. Seat height 36cm.



Catch lounge chairs


design Jaime Hayon, 2017

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