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lacquered mahogany
oiled mahogany
clear lacquered walnut
oiled walnut
black painted oak
(wood rain visible)
clear lacquered oak
oiled oak
white oiled oak
soaped oak
– price group D
Sif 98
Sif 95
Sif 93
Sif 92
Sif 91
Sif 90
Sif is a full grain, uncoated pure aniline ox hide. Only the very finest hides are chosen. The tanning and dying processes are one and the same. No final pigmentation or coating are applied, so slight variations within hides and between hides may occur. Sif has the most exclusive touch and the highest breathability. It has the most natural surface structure which is whey scars or other marks may be visible. Be aware that the light or vegetal colours will age with patina and grace – however, they are also very susceptible to stains. The darker colours will fade somewhat if exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time. We recommend this type of leather for those who want the very best comfort and quality, and who love the graceful ageing of the very best leather.
leather Sif
Thor 399
Thor 398
Thor 390
Thor 377
Thor 359
Thor 350
Thor 332
Thor 325
Thor 310
Thor 307
Thor 306
Thor 301
Thor 300
Thor is a semi-aniline ox hide with a natural grain and a coated surface. More uniform hides are chosen for this type of leather. It has a largely uniform surface structure with some visible scars or other marks. After aniline dying, a pigmentation coat is added to give perfect colour uniformity. Finally, a top coating is added to give the leather a protective layer. This type of leather has a good touch and low breathability. The advantages of Thor are that it requires low-maintenance and resists most stains and fading from sunlight. We recommend this type of leather for homeowners who want a good balance between maintenance and comfort. Thor is available in many colours.
leather Thor

oiled oak + leather Sif 90

lacquered mahogany + leather Sif 90

oiled walnut + black leather Sif 98


customize your Faaborg chair


ready-made Faaborg chairs

Carl Hansen & Søn


Faaborg chair


design Kaare Klint, 1914

Kaare Klint created his iconic Faaborg Chair in 1914 and first presented the landmark design to the public at the inauguration of the Danish Faaborg Museum in 1915.
Widely regarded as the first Danish modern design classic, the Faaborg Chair ushered in a new era for Danish design, creating a foundation for the Danish Modern phenomenon that emerged onto the global stage in the 1950s.
The young Klint meticulously considered every aspect of the Faaborg Chair to ensure it fulfilled its intended function, arriving at a light and portable solution that allowed museum visitors to position the chair before artworks they wished to study in greater detail.
The Faaborg Chair's unadorned design and the unity between its structure, materials and function set it apart from its predecessors while showcasing Klint's traditional design values and modern approach.
The chair is crafted from solid wood and features handwoven French canework on the rounded backrest.
Dimensions W70 x D54,5 x H44 cm
Wood oak– mahogany – walnut Leather group B – group C – group E
Seat CMHR cold fire foam
Sides/backrest rattan woven by hand
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