clear lacquered walnut
oiled walnut

woods and finishes

black painted oak
(wood rain visible)
smoked oak
clear lacquered oak
oiled oak
white oiled oak
soaped oak
To know more about the woods, their finishes and care instructions, please visit this page.
oiled walnut + natural papercord


The seat and back of the CH25 armchair are made of papercord. Two colours are available: natural or black papercord.


smoked oiled oak + natural papercord
black painted oak + black papercord
oiled oak + natural papercord
His oblique back legs give a very characteristic look to the CH25 armchair, both calm and dynamic. We find this same characteristics with his  very "wegnerien" comfort: as often with Hans Wegner's chairs, the goal is to relax the body without loosing the energy, to rest without getting tired. Thus, the wide armrests allow to get up from easily despite the fact that the seat is low and the back generously inclined. Its relatively small size allows the CH25 to go easily into any living room, the wood and the strings giving it a sweet esthetic that helps it blend into the scenery.
The structure is made of oak or walnut (various finishes available), the papercord can be natural or black.

Carl Hansen & Søn


CH25 Armchair



Hans Wegner



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