Sum armchair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS88
Synergy LDS83
Synergy LDS45
Synergy LDS17
Herit chair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS49
Synergy LDS71
Synergy LDS42
Herit armchair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS32
Synergy LDS36
Synergy LDS84
Synergy LDS48
Synergy LDS73
Synergy LDS37
Synergy LDS39
Synergy LDS43
Synergy LDS78
Synergy LDS79
Synergy LDS27
Synergy LDS29
Synergy LDS26
Synergy LDS40
Synergy LDS21
Synergy LDS32
Synergy LDS34
Synergy LDS24
Synergy LDS33
Synergy LDS25
Synergy LDS08
Synergy LDS07
Synergy LDS70
Synergy LDS49
Synergy LDS53
Synergy LDS46
Synergy LDS52
Synergy LDS47
Synergy LDS54
Synergy LDS51
Synergy LDS50
Synergy LDS56
Synergy LDS63
Synergy LDS05
Synergy LDS66
Synergy LDS62
Synergy LDS57
Synergy LDS58
Synergy LDS65
Synergy LDS67
Synergy LDS59
Synergy LDS64
Synergy LDS68
Synergy LDS60
Synergy LDS55

warm colours

cold colours

Synergy LDS41
Synergy LDS61
Sum sofa, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS74

neutral colours

2+2 = 75. Where the total is more than the sum of the parts. Say hello to Synergy, a soft handle wool blend fabric, featuring exquisite fibre dyed shades and sumptuous piece dyed solids. It all comes together to provide our largest colour offering of 75 intelligent shades.
We have partnered with Just A Drop, the international water aid charity, and for every metre of fabric we sell, we will make a donation to a specific project around the world, helping to provide clean and safe water to those in need.
Composition 95% New Zealand wool, 5% polyamid
Durability 100.000 Martindale



Synergy fabric

Sum sofa, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS16
Sum armchair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS41
Synergy LDS83
Synergy LDS82
Synergy LDS28
Synergy LDS44
Synergy LDS23
Herit chair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS27
Synergy LDS85
Synergy LDS81
Synergy LDS20
Synergy LDS19
Herit armchair, Normann Copenhagen – Synergy LDS16
Synergy LDS74
Synergy LDS80
Synergy LDS87
Synergy LDS75
Synergy LDS72
Synergy LDS22
Synergy LDS18
Synergy LDS76
Synergy LDS77
Synergy LDS16
Synergy LDS38
Synergy LDS35
Synergy LDS31
Synergy LDS69
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