Savoy restaurant, Helsinki



Wall Light

A330S Golden Bell


design Alvar Aalto, 1937

Wall Light A330S Golden Bell is a complement to Alvar Aalto's popular sculptural A330S pendant light. The original Golden Bell was created as a pendant in 1937 for Restaurant Savoy, Helsinki, as part of the interior design by Aino and Alvar Aalto. The same year it went on to be shown in the Finnish Pavilion of the Paris World Expo. Still in situ at the Savoy over 80 years later, today Golden Bell is one of Artek's most beloved designs.
Affixed to a vertical surface via a slender arm, Wall Light Golden Bell can be rotated through 180 degrees allowing for varying intensities of illumination. Made from a single piece of brass or steel, Golden Bell is sculptural in quality, typifying Aalto's signature streamlined aesthetic. The perforated rim creates a memorable corona effect and prevents glare, providing a light that is both warm-toned and characteristically diffuse.
While the Aaltos produced a small number of wall lights based on the Golden Bell for selected projects, the lights were never widely distributed. Only now is Artek introducing this version of the Wall Light Golden Bell, based on a historical original, in series.
Lamp shade H20 x Ø17 cm
Source light E27
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