LEGS: L-legs birch
TABLETOP: 135x85cm, extended 190cm with one leaf 55x85cm - thickness 5 cm - Birch natural veneer or white laminate.

97 extension table

H94 Extension Table - Ash veneer
table top 190x100cm, extended 306cm
(2 extension leaves 58x100cm)
H92 Extension Table - Ash veneer
table top 130x90cm, extended 230cm
(2 extension leaves 50x90cm)

H92 & H94 extension tables

Designed by Alvar Aalto, the H-leg extension tables has a solid birch frame with an ash face veneer top. The honeycomb core combined with the solid frame allows this table to be strong as well as lightweight. Included are two removable leaves, which can be stored discreetly underneath the table.
Tabletop : ash veneer, thickness 6 cm (H92 table) or 6,8cm (H94 table).
Legs : solid ash + metal



H92, H94 & 97

Extension Tables


design Alvar Aalto, 1935 / 1956

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