Size L
W42 x D12 x H58cm
124° mirror without tray
124° with black ash tray
W42 x D18 x H35cm
124° mirror with tray
124° with clear lacquered ash tray
W42 x D18 x H35cm
Size S
W34 x D10 x H28cm



miroir 124°


design Daniel Rybakken, 2017

One hundred and twenty-four degrees is the precise angle that allows someone placed in the central axis of the mirror not to see himself: instead of his face, he will discover unexpected perspectives on his immediate environment. This object will please those who do not like to see themselves and / or who like to discover unexpected faces of the world. This ambivalence is reflected in the functionality of the object itself: it can be used as a classical mirror – for example, above the bathroom sink – or as an object of pure decoration, hanging on a wall or put on a table. The version with a tablet adds one more dimension, as the objects that we put there appear to us in 3 simultaneous angles.
The 124° mirror extends the work of the young Norwegian artist Daniel Rybakken on light and reflection.
mirror polished stainless steel sheet + anodised extruded aluminium profile
Medium size's shelf clear or black lacquered solid ash wood
Delivery assembled in Carry Away package. Made in EU.
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