Tricolore vase SH3 – topaz et rubis

Tricolore vase SH2 – amber et lapis

Tricolore vase SH1 – malachite et cornaline

The Tricolore vases are made of mouth-blow glass. They are composed of two cylindrical vases in different sizes and colours. Available in three colour combinations, they can be used alone or combinated. This association of two vases, creating a third colour, gives them that name.
Dimensions: SH1. Inner vase: Ø: 18.0cm, H: 20.0cm Bottom vase: Ø: 17.0cm, H: 9.0cm. Weight: 3,1 kg.
SH2. Inner vase: Ø: 14.0cm, H: 25.0cm. Bottom vase: Ø: 13.0cm, H: 17.0cm. Weight: 3,3 kg.
SH3. Inner vase: Ø: 22.0cm, H: 9.0cm. Bottom vase: Ø: 21.0cm, H: 6.0cm. Weight: 3,3 kg.



Tricolore vases

SH1 – SH2 – SH3


design Sebastian Herkner, 2017

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