The SAS Royal Hotel is considered Arne Jacobsen’s masterpiece. Completed in 1960, it was the tallest skyscraper in Copenhagen at the time and for many it remains the epitome of modernity. The hotel has now commissioned Space Copenhagen to design something new for the hotel rooms.
“The façade is the iconic face of the building,” says Signe. “We were fascinated by the light both outside the building and inside the rooms. Seeing the constant shift of reflections from the façade is truly distinctive to the hotel.” As Peter sees it, “We also wanted to somehow incorporate the views of the city from the top floors. There is a horizontal sequence of windows running from one edge to another. We wanted to echo that aspect inside the rooms, as well.”
And the name? In a world of vanity, Signe and Peter from Space Copenhagen wanted a kind gesture and a hint of humour. With a sincere wish that when we look in the mirror – at our space or ourselves – that we like what we see.
SC17 H90xD3xW10cm (4.60kg) SC18 H90xD3xW20cm (7.40kg) SC19 H90xD3xW30cm (9.50kg)
SC20 H190xD3xW10cm (9.70kg) SC21 H190xD3xW20cm (15.50kg) SC22 H190xD3xW30cm (21.40kg)
Materials bronzed brass frame, silver coloured mirror, adjustable wall brackets
Colours bronzed brass & silver coloured mirror



Amore mirror



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