Arne Jacobsen is born on February 11, 1902 in Copenhagen. His father, Johan Jacobsen, is a wholesale trader in safety pins and snap fasteners. His mother, Pouline Jacobsen, a bank clerk, paints floral motifs in her spare time. The family lived in a typical Victorian style home. As a contrast to his parents’ overly decorated taste, Arne paints his room in white.
Background & school relations
He met the Lassen brothers at Nærum Boarding School: later, Flemming Lassen was to become his partner in a series of architectural projects. Arne Jacobsen is a restless pupil, always up to pranks, with a self-deprecating humour. Already as a child, he showed an extraordinary talent for drawing and depicting nature through scrupulous studies. He wants to be painter, but his father felt that architect was a more sensible choice.
The Pleasant and the necessary trips abroad
Jacobsen’s travelling begin already in his twenties, when he went to sea to New York. Then followed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer in Germany and a series of study and drawing excursions to Italy. Jacobsen produced some of his finest watercolours during this period, capturing atmospheres and shapes accurately and carefully. From the beginning of his career, Jacobsen turned his gaze abroad, without abandoning Danish traditions.
Arne Jacobsen behind the design
Jacobsen production reflects his personality: an insistent, perfectionist modernist, to whom no detail was trivial, although the main picture was basically black/white and unambiguous. On the other hand, the nature-loving botanist and jovial family man: like him, his work is precise and warm, Danish and universal, modern and timeless.

Arne Jacobsen

AJ Eklipta Ø 450mm is available in:
- 1 x socket E27
- LED driver: 3000K (warm light)
AJ Eklipta can be used indoor and outdoor.
> AJ Eklipta Ø 450mm
AJ Eklipta Ø 350mm is available in:
- 1 x socket E27
- LED driver: 9W, 2700K (warm light), 468 lumens
> AJ Eklipta Ø 350mm
AJ Eklipta Ø 220mm is available in:
- 1 x socket G9
- LED driver: 9W, 2700K (warm light), 468 lumens
hard wired
AJ Eklipta can be used indoor and outdoor.
> AJ Eklipta Ø 220mm

Louis Poulsen


AJ Eklipta

wall / ceiling lamp, indoor / outdoor


design Arne Jacobsen

Initially, the AJ Eklipta was designed by Arne Jacobsen for a town hall in Denmark. Then he developed a smaller model for the St. Catherine's College, UK. The AJ Eklipta is available in three diameters: 22cm, 35cm and 45cm. The shade is in white opal blown glass, the structure in aluminum. The fixture emits soft comfortable light. The glass is designed to provide a uniformly lit surface. The three-layer mouth-blown opal glass shade has a transparent edge, providing a decorative halo of light around the fixture.
Finish White, powder coated. White opal glass.
Material Ceiling/Wall box: Die cast aluminium or spun aluminium. Diffuser: Mouth-blown white opal glass.
Mounting Terminal block: Ø 220/Ø 350: 3x2,5mm², Ø 450: 5x2,5mm². Looping: Approved, Ø 220/Ø 350mm: Max. 3x1,5mm², Ø 450: Max. 5x1,5mm². Ballast positioning: In ceiling/wall box.
Weight Min: 0.5 kg Max: 4.8 kg
Class Ingress protection, Ceiling: IP20, Wall: IP44 (Ø 220; Ceiling: IP20, Wall: IP21). LED ceiling/ wall: IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
Info notes Only Wall mounted compact fluorescent versions for outdoor use. Ø 220 is for indoor use only. Emergency versions not suitable for amalgam light sources. Ceiling mounted variants are delivered without side cable holes. Wall mounted variants is delivered with side cable holes.
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