Created by the Danish design firm aiayu, the Aiayu cushions are made from linen and the softest baby llama wool. This exceptional wool comes from the Bolivian mountains, where the llamas live in the rough climate more than 4000 metres above sea level, and is one of the best and most hard-wearing wool qualities. Only the finest part of the wool has been used for the cushions.
aiayu, meaning soul in Bolivian, aptly describes the brand, which successfully combines sustainable design with an ever-popular yet classic expression. The common design values and approach to craftsmanship and integrity of origin have made Fritz Hansen’s collaboration with aiayu a manifestation of exceptional quality and skill while ensuring a contemporary approach to design. The cushions, which come in Oat, Anthracite and Blush hues, add an inviting, feminine element to Fritz Hansen’s universe of timeless furniture, subtly softening and complementing the expression in a way that is at once natural and modern.
Dimensions 40x60cm
Materials baby llama wool, linen

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