> with AC1 and AC2 connectors
> without accessory
> with AC3 connector
2 – add the lamp shade(s)
1 – choose the version

connect your Acrobates

compose your Acrobates

> If your electrical connection is not the exact point you want, the Acrobates solve your problem with or without accessories.
> Your can interconnect several Acrobates using the AC1, AC2 and AC3 accessories.
> Explore the endless possibilities using the configurator.
The Acrobates de Gras offer a clever evolution of the classic Gras lamps: not only the same lampshades, but also the same adjustability to any volume thanks to inter-connectable cables instead of the traditional articulated arm.
Light sources the Acrobates de Gras are available in 6 versions with 1, 2, 3, 6 or 7 light sources (E27 sockets)
Lampshades a large range of lampshades is available to create even more options
Connect your Acrobates the Acrobates de Gras can be connected to create an infinity of compositions (use our configurator)

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Acrobates de Gras


design Bernard-Albin Gras, 1921

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