80x80cm table – height 105cm

Ø80cm table – height 105cm

Ø128cm table – height 73cm

Ø110cm table – height 73cm

Ø100cm table – height 73cm

Ø80cm table – height 73cm

80x80cm table – height 73cm

high tables

round tables

280x90cm table – height 73cm


table – height 73cm

180x105cm table – height 73cm


table – height 73cm

square & rectangular tables



About a Table


design Hee Welling & Hay

About a Table shares the general versatility of the series and speaks the same language as the rest of the family. The table has the same powder-coated frame as most of the chairs in the series, and the organic curves and the feet that raise the table off the floor give it a light expression. The tables are available with round or rectangular tabletops. The round tabletop rests on a centred frame, while the rectangular version has legs placed at both ends and a cross-bar construction that creates graphic and structural harmony. About a Table is available in two heights and a wide range of dimensions, which lets you create a unique solution to match your needs.
Table top  26mm plywood (AAT10) ou 23mm plywood (AAT15 & 20), with black linoleum or white laminate.
Frame  aluminium, powder coated black or white

160x80cm table – height 73cm

white laminate + white powder coated steel
black lino + black powder coated steel
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