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Resting Animals

design Front, 2018

Resting Animals are the result of a research project by Front focussing on the close connection between humans and figurative objects. The design duo asked randomly selected people to identify the most emotionally enriching and meaningful objects in their lives. The majority of answers turned out to be animal figures that were perceived to have personalities, specific attributes or a shared history

Bird and Cat ceramic

Bear Base: wood and velvet. Upholstery: fit knit. Filling: molded foam and synthetic pellets.

Resting Animals
Birds – Cats – Bears

From 79 to 885 €

Resting Bears

Resting Birds

Resting Cats


Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren – both from Sweden – founded the Stockholm-based design studio Front in 2004. Their work constantly questions the design process, whether through their ‘collaborations’ with animals or their experiments with advanced technology like in the project Sketch Furniture. They have developed objects for major design brands across the world and are represented by Galerie Kreo in Paris and Friedman Benda in New York. Their work can be found in the collection of the Vitra Design Museum, the MoMA of New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.