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Thanks to its modularity, String System shelves can adapt to any room in the house, and even to the garden, whether the available space is large or small, simple or quirky, whether it is a bedroom or a kitchen, a living room or an entrance, an office or a bathroom.

Here are some examples that will allow you to feed your imagination. 

String System for the Kitchen

String System is particularly suitable for the kitchen: store cutlery in drawers and glasses in display cases, stack pots on perforated shelves and tea towels on hooks, wine bottles on cork receptacles and plates on trays. supports, etc. Even kitchen knives have their dedicated storage! 

String System for the Living Room

The primary function of String System was to store books and this function is always perfectly fulfilled thanks to the ladder upright system which allows easy adjustment of the spacing between shelves to adapt to different formats. Newspaper racks allow you to punctuate the space by presenting beautiful books or reproductions and the new media shelf is ideal for placing a sound system. As the modularity allows you to easily insert a flat screen, everything comes together to compose a perfect home cinema. 

String System for the Bathroom

Particularly suitable for bathrooms: plexi wall uprights, mirror-door cabinets and metal shelves, to which accessories such as hooks, wall-mounted storage compartments and bars are attached. 

String System for the Hallway

Hooks for bags, clothes rails and bars, storage bins for small items, perforated metal shelves and loads of other items help maximize your entryway space. 

String System for the Bedroom

Storage of clothes, books or objects; Bedside cabinet, compact or extended shelf, office corner or make-up table: there is no shortage of ideas. 

String System for the Work Place

With two desk formats, String System is ideal for creating a workspace at home, whether for adults or children. In addition, String Works offers a Sit-Stand desk that allows you to work while avoiding excessively prolonged sitting positions, which are harmful to health. 

String System for the Kids Room

Flexible, creative, easy to change with age, allowing you to play, draw, store or work, the arrangement of a String System in a child's room has no other limit than that of your imagination! 

String System for the Outdoor

The String System range in galvanized steel, indifferent to rust and weathering, was developed by String System to satisfy gardening or DIY needs. Of course, its industrial aesthetic can also be perfectly placed indoors, in a loft or in a kitchen!