SKAGERAK design danois
SKAGERAK design danois

Hammer Grinders

The Hammer grinder pays homage to the beauty of wood. Its design is a nod to the Danish island of Bornholm and the nature around the ancient fortress of Hammershus.

Materials solid teak or solid oak from FSC certified forests

Dimensions Ø6,5 x H12 cm

Hammer Oak
69 €

Hammer Teak
69 €

Norr Paper Towel Holder

The Norr paper towel holder in natural oak and leather is both warm and functional. The edge at the base prevents the paper from fraying, the leather strap makes it easy to move.

Materials leather and solid oak from FSC certified forests

Dimensions Ø14 x H30,5 cm

Norr Oak
69 €

Norr Black Oak
69 €

Dania Cutting Board

our knife’s new best friend. Assembled by small pieces of teak end grain, each cutting board gets a unique pattern in various light and dark brown nuances. Teak contains natural oils resistant to moisture and germs and the upward fibers on end grain absorb the impact from knife blades sublimely. This ensures a top-notch durability – both in terms of the board itself and the knives used on it. The board has built-in grips on each end and a juice groove that collects liquids and crumbles before they cause any trouble.

Material oiled teak

Dania cutting board
56 x 35 cm
239 €
191,20 €

Dania cutting board
50 x 27 cm
125 €
100 €

Dania cutting board
35 x 24 cm
109 €
87,20 €

Dania cutting board
33 x 21 cm
79 €
63,20 €