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Dipping pendant

design Jordi Canudas, 2019

The Dipping pendant light is both minimalist and playful, consisting of a simple colored glass sphere hung on a wire. Available in different colors and sizes – 13.5, 20 and 30 cm – it lends itself perfectly to creative and poetic compositions.

The colored globe is obtained by a succession of immersion in paint, each ring filtering the light differently. Dipping pendant lights are handmade in Spain.

Light source Ø13,5 cm and Ø20cm LED integrated 6W, 2700K, 500lm
Light source Ø30 cm LED integrated 11.5W, 2700K, 1119lm

Material mouth blown glass

Dipping orange
from 338 € 

Dipping green
from 338 € 

Dipping blue
from 338 € 

Dipping pink
from 338 € 

Dipping grey
à partir de 338 €