Circular pendant

design studio WM, 2018

The Circular suspension designed by Studio WM embodies the meeting between refined form and intelligent technology. The suspension is completed by an application in order to give the possibility of adapting the lighting according to one's needs and desires. Therefore, the light intensity and the temperature can be adapted according to the time of day, the season or even according to the desired atmosphere.

Circular's shade is impressive in size, but its slim and sleek profile allows it to be added as a pendant light to any type of interior, large or small. Its modern lines offer many possibilities in terms of interior decoration. The suspensions can exist by itself or several. It is therefore easy to create a unique and personal atmosphere. The black fabric cable joins the lampshade, emphasizing its elegance.

The lamp reflector allows for an even distribution of light that is diffused and comfortable on the eyes. Also, using the MENU Lighting app, the intensity of the light and its temperature can be easily changed. Without the app, the light intensity and temperature are set to medium.

Dimensions Ø55 x H13.8 cm

Light source  LED circuit – 110V, 12W, 800lm, 2700-4000K, 35,000 hour lifespan
dimmer controlled via MENU Lighting app

Materials black painted aluminum or bronze anodized aluminum – fabric cord

anodized aluminium
690 €

690 €

Studio WM

Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon are the founders of Studio WM – a design studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The two started working together after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven after discovering that their different approaches of design complemented each other. Their creativity comes from a common passion for details and aesthetics. Constantly reflecting on their ideas allows them to get the best out of each other and encourages them to experiment in their approach to materials and techniques.

Their work ranges from furniture to interior design and installation. All with great attention to detail and an intuitive approach to sensory experience. Scent, touch and sound are in harmony with the physique and strive to create a sensitive and poetic design.

Guided by all the senses, Studio WM's mission is to create seemingly simple design that reflects the love that goes into it – and their details, for years to come.