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Savanni blue green & Ukkospilvi
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design Maija Isola, 1966 & Fujiwo Ishimoto, 1980

Maija Isola's Savanni (Savannah) graphic from 1966 is an impressive large-scale pattern, where two curved striped elements alternate, creating a swaying atmosphere and a landscape in motion.

Painted with relaxed brushstrokes, Ukkospilvi (thundercloud) is a geometric grid rhythm that predicts a change in the weather. A master of many different styles and techniques, Fujiwo Ishimoto created countless hit designs for Marimekko over a period of four decades.


Country of origin : Finland

Ukkoslpilvi 250 – Cotton (sold by decimeter)

Ukkoslpilvi 250 – Linen (sold by decimeter)

Savanni 650 – Cotton (sold by decimeter)

Cushion covers

Savanni Cushion Cover – 40 x 60 cm

Ukkospilvi Cushion Cover – 40 x 40 cm



Ukkospilvi Coated Cotton Placemat – 31 x 42 cm

Ukkospilvi Napkin – 43 x 43 cm, 3 pcs


This jacquard knitted cotton tablecloth features the Savanni pattern. The edges of the tablecloth are sewn. 50% of the cotton used in this product is recycled.

Savanni Tablecloth – 155 x 250 cm