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Korkeuksissa & Toukokukka

design Antti Kekki, 2021

In the Korkeuksissa (high up) pattern, a gentle spring breeze is blowing cherry blossoms up in the air. In the background, you can see, for example, skyscrapers rising towards the sky with their windows glistening in the sun.
This carefree, checkered pattern designed by Antti Kekki was created using a paper cut technique.

Antti Kekki’s Toukokukka (May flower) celebrates the new shapes that emerge in nature in May: leaves, stems, buds, and flowers. Plant parts cut from paper have been composed in an illustrative style, familiar from old school charts, to be admired and inspected.


Country of origin : Finland

Korkeuksissa 630 – Cotton (sold by decimeter)

Toukokukka 680 – Cotton (sold by decimeter)

Cushion cover

Korkeuksissa Cushion Cover – 50 x 50 cm

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