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Home Collection Spring/Summer 2023


pattern design Antti Kekki’s, 2021

Antti Kekki’s Kevätkiuru (spring lark) was inspired by the arrival of spring. In the pattern, you can see either the first buds about to blossom or migratory birds – the air is filled with optimism and courage. Large abstract shapes cut from paper repeat the signs of changing seasons.


60 x 60 cm
100 % Cotton

Recycled polyester padding

Inner cushion included
115 > € 96.60  


Front side colors are the opposite of back side colors

Home Robe

Home Robe
50 % Cotton 50 % Linen
115 > € 158.76  

Matching with…

54 x 19 cm
79 % Cotton 21 % Linen

Inner cushion included
109 > € 91.56  

Antti Kekki

Antti Kekki is a Helsinki-based illustrator and surface designer, who enjoys bold colors, improvisation and handicraft.

Antti’s works usually rely on simple collage technique in which different forms are cut from paper and carefully arranged in playful ensembles. Antti has been collaborating with Marimekko since 2019. His first Marimekko designs introduced Lennokki (modern airplane) and Kiila (wedge).