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Auringonkukka & Uimari

Maija Isola, 1959 - Erja Hirvi, 2019

In the late 1950s, Maija Isola designed a wide series of Marimekko prints with motifs that expressed her deep love of nature. Among those prints was the joyous Auringonkukka (sunflower) pattern.

The striped Uimari (swimmer) pattern, created by Erja Hirvi using paper cutouts, is reminiscent of graceful swimming strokes. It can also make your mind travel back to the early 20th century and men’s swimwear fashions of the time.


Country of origin : Finland

Auringonkukka 210 – cotton (sold by decimeter)

Auringonkukka 810 – linen (sold by decimeter)

Auringonkukka 210 – acrylic-coated cotton (sold by decimeter)

Cushion cover

Auringonkukka 810 – 50 x 50 cm – cotton

Beach robe

This beach robe is made of cotton waffle in the Auringonkukka pattern. The robe has long, loose sleeves that have wide turn-ups at the sleeve ends. The kimono-style beach robe has side seam pockets and a detachable belt.

Beach Robe  – cotton waffle

Kitchen products

SOLD OUT / Auringonkukka Tablecloth – 135 x 280 cm – partially recycled cotton

Kitchen Towel – 47 x 70 cm – cotton waffle

Paper Napkins – 33 x 33 xm, 20 pcs


Auringonkukka mug – 2,5dl

Uimari mug – 2,5dl

Auringonkukka bowl – 5dl

Auringonkukka plate – 15 x 12 cm

Uimari plate – Ø20 cm

Matching beach towels & cushion cover

Savanni and Paraati patterned beach towels are made of soft embossed cotton.

Savanni Beach Towel – 100 x 180 cm

Paraati Beach Towel – 90 x 180 cm

Savanni – 50 x 50 cm – cotton